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Questions keep coming up over time

Introducing The Brand New Piltos Villa

I’m more at peace since I made the decision to buy and arkshelter.

We have tried to answer as many ques­tions as pos­si­ble that every guest has dur­ing their stay or before mak­ing a booking.

What time is arrival and departure?
The apart­ment is avail­able from 4 p.m. on the day of arrival and until 11 a.m. on the day of depar­ture. Just talk to us about whether the apart­ment might be avail­able longer or earlier.
Can beds be rearranged?

In bed­room 1 (pre­ferred for par­ents) only the cot can be adjust­ed. In bed­room 2 (pre­ferred for chil­dren), the two sin­gle beds can be con­vert­ed into a dou­ble bed with a width of 160 cm, or a fam­i­ly bed with a width of 240 cm.

Mobil­i­ty with­out a car

A bicy­cle is avail­able free of charge, for exam­ple to buy small amounts of gro­ceries.  In addi­tion, there is the so-called “Net­lin­er”, as flex­i­ble as a taxi and as cheap as a BUS.–1014262-680532–14

If you don’t own a car, we can  “I would like to do the ini­tial gro­cery shop­ping togeth­er with the car.

The near­est bus stop

The near­est bus stop is the “Ger­st­sen­hof” stop and can be reached on foot in 6 minutes. 

Line 385

Cof­fee machine

When book­ing you can spec­i­fy whether  a Senseo pad machine or a fil­ter machine should be pro­vid­ed. The fil­ters are to be brought along and have the size 4?????

Buns and shopping

In the vil­lage there is a small shop (Kon­sum am Eifel­steig) with gro­ceries and bread and rolls from the bak­ery. To get there, we are hap­py to lend our bikes free of charge. There about 15 min­utes and back only 5 minutes. 

Fall pro­tec­tion / bed rail

It is pos­si­ble to mount a fall-out pro­tec­tion. Please con­tact us before arrival.

Extra bed / cot

The bed 120 x 60 can be placed in three positions: 

A: Mat­tress on top (infant)

B: Mat­tress all the way down (child crawls and pulls him­self up)

C: With­out side rails. The child leaves the bed independently.

In addi­tion, you decide whether the bed with the par­ents (bed­room 1)  or set up in bed­room 2. 

Can­cel because of Corona
If the inci­dence val­ue of the Aachen city region at the time of your stay does not make accom­mo­da­tion possible,
we will of course refund the full amount.
How high is the inci­dence val­ue in the region?

Is there a test­ing cen­ter on site?
Yes, there are two test centers:
Neg­a­tive test upon arrival
accor­dion content
Which coro­na rules apply to day trips in Hol­land or Belgium

Below you will find an overview of the coro­na mea­sures in the Nether­lands, Ger­many and Bel­gium. The red sec­tions indi­cate what has changed since the last Action Summary.

Maa­trege­lenowaiv­er – D

What are the entry require­ments when you arrive in the Nether­lands and Belgium

Web for­mu­la “Cross­ing Bor­ders” — Maa­trege­len voor het grens­ge­bied Eure­gio Maas-Rijn

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